We take great pride in providing superior product service to all our customers throughout the world.

Our dedicated, highly-trained, and experienced support professionals are capable and ready to provide our customers with routine maintenance, field service, system upgrades, and emergency calls for the following Perkin-Elmer Sputter Systems.

      • Perkin-Elmer 2400-8SA Sputtering Deposition System
      • Perkin-Elmer 2400-8L Sputtering Deposition System
      • Perkin-Elmer 4400 Sputtering Deposition System
      • Perkin-Elmer 4410 Sputtering Deposition System
      • Perkin-Elmer 4450 Sputtering Deposition System
      • Perkin-Elmer 4480 Sputtering Deposition System
How to Request for Services

If you have any service need for Perkin Elmer sputter deposition systems, please contact us.

Service Offerings

We offer the following services for Perkin-Elmer Sputter Deposition System to our customers:

Field Service Support

Our experienced Field Service Engineers (FSEs) are ready to help keep your Perkin-Elmer Sputter Deposition Equipment  running. We go above and beyond to ensure total customer satisfaction on each service call.

PM Contracts

We offer scheduled Planned/Preventative Maintenance (PM) service contracts to help ensure that your Perkin Elmer Sputtering Deposition systems remain in optimal operating state.


We offer assistance with system upgrade or reconfiguration upon request. Our highly-trained, experienced design engineers can provide solutions to a myriad of new PC controller to your legend Perkin-Elmer Sputter Deposition Equipment.


We can offer a fully refurbishment if your Perkin-Elmer Sputter Deposition system is beyond field service repair. The refurbishment includes full system testing and re-installation at customer site.

In-house repair

We offer repair services for some of the components of Perkin-Elmer Sputtering Deposition Equipment.


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