Perkin-Elmer 2400

Series Perkin-Elmer 2400

Highest Quality Sputtering

Superior Performance

Wide Selection of options

In a laboratory or low-volume production environment, where the high throughput levels of the 4400 Series are not required, the 2400 Series is the ideal alternative for high quality sputtering in a wide variety of applications.

Model Perkin-Elmer 2400-8SA

Perkin-Elmer 2400-8SAThe Perkin-Elmer Model 2400-8SA features a large 211/2” rotating, water cooled annular table with a capacity of sixty-four 2″, thirty 3″, or thirteen 4″ wafers.

Used in conjunction with a cathode shaping aperture, the rotating table permits high uniformity. A 4″ wafer vertical range of the table facilitates coating bulk substrates. As an added feature, up to three 8″ round cathodes may be specified allowing sequential deposition from several targets or alternately, static deposition or heating from any target position.

Power Splitting is an optional feature of the 2400-8SA system. With this feature, RF power can be applied to two cathodes simultaneously in any desired ratio from 5 to 95%. Combined with the continuous substrate rotation feature, an infinite number of alloy compositions can be developed simply by varying the power division between target.





Model Perkin-Elmer 2400-8L

The Model 2400-8L load lock system ensures a constant inert gas or vacuum environment allowing rapid pPerkin-Elmer 2400-8Lumpdown to base pressure and elimination of target pre-cleaning. High partial pressure of water vapor is no longer a problem, even in areas of high humidity. Additional water vapor pumping is possible with an optional Meissner Trap. By eliminating the need to break vacuum in the process chamber, the 2400-8L load lock reduces both pumpdown time and contamination of targets and internal chamber surfaces. Load lock pumping is provided by a mechanical pump which is shared with the process chamber vacuum system. Load lock pumpdown and pallet transfer are automatically controlled. Sequence and valve position are displayed on front control panels.

A water-cooled 8″ diameter substrate table rotates the pallet 360o and automatically aligns it precisely under any one of the three targets or the etch position. Substrates can be loaded, processed, and unloaded in minutes improving run to run yields. A full pallet of wafers can be transferred from air to a properly maintained process chamber and pumped down to a base pressure of 5X10-7 Torr in less than five minutes.

Series Perkin-Elmer 2400-Capabilities, Features, Options

High Uniformity

Careful cathode and chamber designs mean high uniformity,. Integral copper channels in the anode tables insure even distribution of cooling water and RF power.

High Throughput

The 2400-8SA features a 211/2” table which enables processing of large wafer batches. The 2400-8L utilizes a smaller pallet but provides a unique load lock system to dramatically reduce pump-down time. Either approach maximizes efficiency.

Maximum Process Control

Both 2400 Series systems offer a wide choice of target materials, machine operating models, and gas controls with capability to perform a variety of thin film tasks.

RF Bias

The Perkin-Elmer 2400 Series RF Bias capability enables high quality films with a variety of materials. The RF bias provides improved step coverage, controllable intrinsic stress for metal or dielectric films, improved alloying materials and stoichiometry, resistivity that approaches bulk values, precisely controlled film densities and impurities and reduced argon content.

Uniform Deposition

The 2400-8SA and 2400-8L use uniformity shaping apertures to compensate for the geometry of the cathode sputtering pattern. The rotating substrate table further improves uniformity in the 2400-8SA. The 2400-8L utilizes a double-disk dark space shield to eliminate edge sputtering from the cathode plate and provide exceptional plasma confinement.

Operation Mode Selection

In all 2400 systems, the mode selector switch provides a choice of modes:sputter deposit, bias sputter and sputter etch.

Standard RF Features

Servo-Match automatic turning maintains proper turning despite variations in target emission, pressure or RF power. A power stabilizer holds RF power constant.


The 2400-8SA Rotating Table Multi-Target System

  • Sequential deposition from DC magnetron, RF magnetron and conventional RF cathodes
  • Simultaneously sputtering from 2 targets
  • High deposition rates for metals and dielectrics
  • Low substrate temperature in both RF and DC magnetron deposition modes
  • Single pass or multi-pass capability
  • Servo-Match automatic turning
  • High loading capacity
  • Three target capability


The 2400-8L Load Lock Multi-Target System

  • Load lock for reduced pump-down time
  • Remotely adjustable anode/cathode spacing
  • No cross-contamination
  • Pallet heated on substrate table with rapid cool-down
  • Servo-Match automatic turning
  • Fast turnaround through automated operation.
  • Three target capability

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